SMiLE A.D. v2.0: A Revised Stereo Mix.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Download: WAV pt 1 / WAV pt 2 / MP3


jamesg74 said...

Truly brilliant work! Really captures the drama and depth of what it might have been. The transitions between Old Master Painter, into Fire,etc is beautiful. Thank you!

BiggusDikkus said...

My only real gripe is the length of Heroes and Villains, I wish it was a tad longer, like the original '66 Stereo mix you posted.

There are some really awkward transitions between a few of the songs, but this is probably my favorite stereo mix, great job!

Michael P said...

My only gripe is the added surface noise on "Our Prayer" and "Surf's Up". It make this project sound like an old acetate. But the rest of this is clean.

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